#195 Government Digital Transformation

In this podcast episode of Embracing Digital Transformation, Darren Pulsipher, Greg Clifton, and Jason Dunn-Potter highlight Intel's massive investments in digital transformation. They discuss Intel's journey towards digital transformation, focusing on the company's investments in supply chain diversification, workforce development, and cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence. The podcast provides an in-depth analysis of Intel's innovations. It highlights the company's pioneering technological role, from mainframes to the cloud.

 A $150 Billion Investment into Digital Transformation

The recent technological era has been characterized by significant digital transformation strides, with Intel Corporation playing an important role. Intel is directing vast investments amounting to $100 billion in the United States and an additional $50 billion in Europe to reshape the advanced manufacturing arena. A significant part of this plan involves shifting the focus to domestic production, demonstrating Intel's commitment to fostering a skilled workforce.

Intel's investment strategy aims to bridge the skill gap that characterizes the current technological world. By providing scholarships and creating partnerships with colleges and universities, Intel seeks to nurture a generation of tech-savvy individuals who can drive further innovations in the future.

 Advancing Technology Integration and Innovation

Intel is also making massive strides in advancing technology integration, pushing the boundaries of the possible and the impossible. The giant tech company's groundbreaking innovation, the 18 Angstrom technology, signifies this commitment. This technology shrinks size while simultaneously boosting performance and efficiency, highlighting Intel's revolutionary approach to digital transformation.

 Marrying Flexibility and Innovation: Intel's Business Model

Intel Corporation has ingeniously tailored its business model, marrying flexibility with innovation. The company offers various services, from building computing capabilities from scratch to developing existing designs. Even with these diverse services, Intel keeps security and efficiency at the forefront of every transaction. A perfect illustration of this is the recent landmark agreement with ARM that solidifies Intel's commitment to collaborate with other industry leaders to drive progress.

 Custom-Built Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Specific Client Needs

Realizing that its silicon technologies might not address its customers' direct needs or interests, Intel has built its custom-designed software for custom-built AI solutions, Articulate. This comprehensive AI uptake strategy provides exploration options for beginners, advanced tools for experienced users, and an AI teammate for automating tasks.


With its extensive investments, innovative workforce strategies, advanced manufacturing, and groundbreaking technology, Intel is not only embracing digital transformation - it's championing it. The company collaborates with other industry leaders while continuously innovating and tailoring solutions to propel digital transformation. This approach underscores that digital transformation is not just about technology but the people and processes that make it a reality.

#195 Government Digital Transformation
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